4 ways to attract more happiness in your life

Most people go through life thinking that happiness only represents a good emotion, and when something goes wrong with the way we act, then it means we are not happy.


When we take a perspective look at happiness, then we would see that it is just like other emotions such as anger, sadness or joy. Often times, we use these emotions to gauge our happiness and our state of being depending on how we feel.

The truth is you are allowed to feel everything, never forget that. Knowing this will give you the transformation you seek and help you live life on your terms. Do not attach any meaning to your feelings, and ultimately you will stop defining yourself by your emotions.

The result of this is that you will experience more joy and success in your endeavors. Happiness is the accumulation of what is, and it is a conscious feeling that holds true irrespective of what is happening around us.



To fully comprehend what happiness is all about and get to know its secrets, we have to dig in deep into the word joy and what it means. Happiness is not our outward appearance but rather an inner occurrence. It is a feeling, a feeling of freedom, and total liberation. When you come to realize that happiness is an inside event, you will no longer be shackled by your programming or beliefs. More importantly, in as much as you will continually work on yourself, you will never lose that inner happiness when you find it.



We must be ready to go deep into ourselves, to find those barriers that limit us, prevent us from accepting our happiness, joy, and freedom. Peace of mind is an integral part of happiness. True happiness is happiness with yourself in every way.



If you want to experience more joy and happiness in your life, then the following ways will be of tremendous benefit to you.

  • Take a comprehensive look at yourself and what affects you. The truth is the way we perceive things affects how we operate. Our perception of things is usually the bedrock of our unhappiness. Your power of happiness rests with you and absolutely you.
  • Have a quiet time whenever you feel sad or angry. Sometimes all you need to do in situations that make you unpleasant is to be still. Even though it looks difficult it is usually the best action to take. Just be still, and you will be able to regain yourself even in the middle of the storm. Practicing meditation can go a long way in helping you maintain happiness and calmness, even in the most demanding situations.
  • An optimistic attitude will go a long way in making you happy. Don’t go looking for the worst-case scenario instead look for the best-case scenario in every situation. Doing this will help you find happiness in yourself and lots more.
  • Feel happiness radiate through you, and align yourself to that feeling always. Even when circumstances and situations don’t align to that feeling, always maintain it. Remember, happiness is an inside job, and it doesn’t depend on your outward appearance.


Finding happiness is a fruitful journey that promises amazing results. If you seek success and transformation, then make it a conscious effort to find happiness within. There is a whole new world that awaits you when you find your happiness. Happiness is everything, go for it.


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