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On this week here at #shredded, we discuss 8 healthier snack options for you…Let’s chop it up!

With everyone staying at home this period due to government restrictions amid the coronavirus, it is easy for people to let loose on their food. Staying at home all day can be boring, and as such, you might be tempted to eat more than usual. It is easy or some to fall into unhealthy snacking patterns.

To help you snack in a healthy way, we’ve compiled a list of healthy snacks choice you can make this period. Check them out below.

Go for snacks high in protein and fats

Healthy fats and proteins will help you maintain your blood sugar level and, as such, decrease in cravings. Fats and proteins have a tendency to keep you full much longer because they usually take more time to digest. On the other hand, snacks rich in carbs won’t fill you up as much as protein or fat-based snacks.


Use your body as a guide

It is better to snack when you are genuinely hungry rather than when the clock tells us to. Take note of your body, and know when you are really hungry instead of allowing the clock to dictate your snacking time.


Eat more fiber-based produce

A combination of fruits, veggies, and protein is always a good source of fiber. Fiber helps with a lot of bodily functions spanning from improving the immune system or keeping the blood sugar level in check.


Wash or peel snacks

The rule of thumb for selecting healthy snacks is to go for the ones you can either peel or wash. This is an excellent indicator that you are making a healthy choice.


3 meals a day

Go for three meals daily to eliminate the need to snack, and If your urge to snack between meals is always high, it could mean that your fiber, protein, or calorie needs are not being met during your mealtimes. Try as much as you can to eat three full meals daily.


Drink lots of water

Rather than eat a snack, just drink water instead. Sometimes that feeling of hunger can be satisfied by a glass of water. The goal is to consume at least 10 glasses of water daily. You can also consume other beverages such as unsweetened sparkling water, herbal tea, low-calorie shakes.


Use small dishes

You can eat small portions of healthy snacks rather than going all in. Do not eat straight from the container or a big bowl. Make use of tiny dishes, or condiment cups.


Eat with your other hand

Rather than eat with your dominant hand, we recommend that you eat your healthy snacks with your non-dominant hand. Doing this will reduce the speed at which you eat and make it easier for you to know when you are full.

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