Although losing weight may seem easy on paper, it takes a lot of work. The secret to losing weight lies in the arms of a calorie deficit. However, we all know that immediately you start losing those calories, you become hungrier. In most cases, the hungrier you are, the higher the chances that you will make disadvantageous food choices, overeat and derail your female fitness training.

So how do you fix the hunger issue? Well, the answer is eating. When it comes to food and your overall female diet, you have to be a bit picky as not all food has the same effect on your body. Pick the wrong one, and you can say bye-bye to your female fitness training. Some foods do a great job of filling your stomach and ensuring that you maintain your calorie deficit. Others leave you wanting more, and thus an extra set of weights.

Some food experts believe that there are some foods that you can add to your female diet that will help you stay fuller for longer. Low-calorie foods like soups, veggies, salads, lean proteins usually do a great job of helping you stay within your female fitness training schedule. We’ve done the tough work of identifying the food that will help you stay fuller for longer. Let’s check them out below;


A two-egg breakfast will leave you full up until dinner time. A recent study showed that women who have two eggs as part of their morning female diet, often eat less during lunch, compared to those who don’t,

Chilli Peppers

This might be a surprise inclusion for some, but chili pepper does a great job of keeping you full for long. Chilli pepper can help you control your appetite thanks to a compound called capsaicin. A study showed that adults who added a teaspoon of red pepper to their meals ate fewer calories than those who didn’t.

Dark Chocolate

Dark chocolate has the capacity to fill you up and give you a lasting satisfaction than any other chocolate. Dark chocolate lowers your sugar cravings, and it also promotes satiety.

Now, this is not an endorsement to consume all the dark chocolates you can find. Participants in the above study, only eat about 100g of dark chocolate, and that equates to around 500 calories. Used as an occasional treat, dark chocolate can keep you full longer.


Spice up your lunchtime salad with some fresh avocados. Half an avocado can boost your satisfaction levels, and make you less hungry for as much as 6 hours.


Oatmeal might not be on everyone’s female diet, but warm oatmeal in the morning can fill your stomach for a long time. Oatmeal has the perfect fiber to protein ratio. A study showed that people who ate around 250 calories of oatmeal had more satisfaction than those who ate the same amount from cereal.

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