If you want to achieve a chiseled body or become physically fit, then you must work out regularly with high intensity. But the best way to maximize any of your workout and get into shape is to allow your muscles recover. Rest and recovery are two features for peak physical fitness. Done rightly, you can boost muscle recovery after any workout routine thereby increasing your overall fitness speedily.

In this guide, we would be looking at ways to boost post work out recovery. These tips are opened to everyone irrespective of your position in your fitness journey. So it doesn’t matter if you train by yourself, or train as a group, your muscles require adequate time to rest after workout.

Stay hydrated

As simple as it sounds, many people fail to do this. Hydration is important before, during and after intense workout. It is important to take lots of fluids at various stages of your workout routine. Staying hydrated boosts your physical performance, eliminates muscle fatigue, as well as risk of injury and illness.

When we talk fluids, we are not talking about water alone. Sports drinks, protein shakes, or other post exercise recovery drinks are vital. A recent study has shown that chocolate milk can be effective as a post workout recovery drink, thanks to its ingredients and contents.


Adequate sleep

The effectiveness of a proper night’s sleep cannot be overstated. Getting plenty of rest can aid your physical and mental health. On the flip side, lack of rest can disrupt your physical performance and muscle recovery.

It has been mentioned in various research that getting at least seven to eight hours of sleep each night is beneficial to fitness goals in the short and long term. When you can, sneak in a couple of afternoon naps to aid your recovery process.


Consume more protein

Protein is a reparatory nutrient. It is a muscle building nutrient that aids recovery and growth. There are so many natural sources of protein out there, that you hardly require any supplement. Some of the readily available natural sources of protein include; fish, eggs, cottage cheese, beans, Greek yogurt, lean cut of meat and so on. The good thing about protein is that it is a versatile class of food and as such you can add it to your smoothie, or make the ingredients into tasty snacks.


Make plans for rest days

One of the universally accepted rule is to take a rest gap 48 hours between workouts for intense routines. This guideline gives a basic idea of what resting days should be like, but at the same time, you can tweak it to match your needs.

For days when you are not working out, just try to stretch as much as you can. This will help your muscles recovery faster. You can also incorporate very light exercises like yoga into your rest days. Stuffs like yoga or Tai Chi, enable you to rest and recharge.

As a word of caution, if you sustain an injury or you feel an injury is coming, kindly take the necessary steps to rest.



In recent times, certain fitness experts have recommended Epsom Bath Salt to help the body post workout. Experts suggests that it can limit muscle soreness and fatigue in a relatively short time.

Epsom salt is made up of sulfate and magnesium. While sulfate helps the body with detoxification, and recovery, Magnesium can induce relaxation and eliminate inflammation. The key to getting the best out of Epsom salt bath, is to use moderately. Used excessively, it can induce so much ease in your body that you become reluctant to engage in strenuous physical activity. Here at #Shredded we welcome you to grab our Premium Epsom Salt bath. Get it HERE

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