One of the major factors that impede people from achieving goals, targets, and performances is an excuse. The funny thing is people like making excuses, but they don’t like hearing that they are making them.

While your friends and family might go easy on you and tell you the things you would want to hear, this article will tell you some hard truths. Excuses are not your friend; they hinder you and make you lazy. You might get mad at some of the things you read here, but the truth is bitter sometimes. So let’s gets started.


You don’t have a slow metabolic rate. You are overeating food

While the general consensus is that people have a slow or fast metabolism, metabolic rates are usually the same for most persons. If your metabolism is very slow, you won’t even be able to move your body. On the other hand, if your metabolism is fast, you would overheat. Lots of studies over the years have shown that people’s metabolic rates vary from each other, with about 5%.


There is no natural body type for you

When it comes to natural body type, people often tend to refer to the body they’ve dealt with. However, body type is a result of so many factors like genetics, exercise, diet, sleep, and so on.

So, is eating pizza and pasta a response to your natural body type? Is sitting all day a response to your natural body type? The answer is no. You make your body into what you want. Stop living under the delusion of natural body type.


The fallacy of association

As humans, we tend to associate ourselves with people who follow our beliefs and act like us. That’s why you see people of the same religious beliefs sticking with one another. The same applies to people of the same body size. Thin people would root for you to be slim, while fat people will tell you to be overweight. While it is comforting to associate with people in the same place as you health-wise, the cons outweigh the pro. Firstly, such association stops you from changing, because they would want you to always be like them. If you want any progress, associate with people who are where you would like to be. This will give you the right motivation to get to that stage.


Change is constant

One common theme around people trying to meet a fitness goal is giving up at the first sign of trouble. You’ll hear people say that after making progress with a particular fitness program, they stop after progress slowed down a bit. But improvement is expected to slow down. It is a marathon and not a sprint.

Here’s the catch, the reason why your progress is slower is that you are getting fitter, and to attain more progress, you have to do even more work. So put simply, what got you to one stage, won’t get you to the next stage. There is always room for more, so do more.

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