Why Joining The #Shredded Community Will Get You Results

Why Joining The #Shredded Community Will Get You Results

United we stand!! This statement is applicable even in your fitness journey. Several fitness enthusiasts often take the lonely approach. A lot of weightlifters, swimmers, and so on work/train alone. You usually see this on their social media posts. Unfortunately, the lonely working pattern may hinder progress, growth, and development.

Fitness communities have a positive effect on commitment, effort, motivation, and workouts.

In a study conducted recently, it was established that there is a correlation between social support on weight loss. The study identified that people working on weight loss in isolation had a 75% completion rate. However, only around 25% kept their weight loss. Meanwhile, participants who worked with a partner, colleague, or friends had a 95% completion, with more than 65% keeping their weight loss for at least 6 months.

Fitness communities like #shredded by Ace Hood take different forms. This community consists of people from many walks of life, ethnic backgrounds, and fitness levels who all share on common goals: Surround themselves around motivated people and get #Shredded!


Benefits of The #shredded community

Still, contemplating the idea of working with others in your fitness journey? Below are some of the benefits of joining #shredded community.


A community gives you a sense of responsibility. You have persons you work it, and as such, you are accountable to them. Remember as a kid, your mom/dad mentioned he/she was disappointed in you? The feeling accompanies such interactions is usually one of disappointment. In the same way, you wouldn’t want to disappoint your parents and get such a feeling, so also you wouldn’t want to disappoint members of your community.

Knowing that your presence is important to the entire group will spur you on to do better. A community is an external motivating factor



Seeing others thrive in their fitness journey gives you the confidence to grow and develop as well. See others do things reinforces the belief that you can as well. Finding yourself in a community doing tough stuff boosts and amplifies the belief that you can do it.


People train best when working with others. There is more confidence, and motivation in a group setting than working alone. The collective target within the community drives the group to do more, and push harder.



#Shredded community provides a great support system especially for those moments when you need an extra push, or people to connect with. Things are subject to change, so it is great to have people you can rely on during those difficult moments. The community is designed so people can lift you up, and help resolve any problems in regards to your fitness journey.


#Shredded community is a great place to get reliable information. You learn from your coaches, instructors, and team members. Through regular engagement in the community, you learn from past experiences, ideas, and materials.


Join #shredded today! See you inside 💪🏽

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