Everyone wants to get back in shape, but in all honesty, not everyone can achieve it. The reason for this is simply a mindset. It takes the right kind of mindset to get into your desired shape.

The following are 5 key mindsets that will help you get back in shape.


What is your personality?

This question helps you identify the type of person you are, and if whether or not you can get back into shape. You want to ask yourself, “Am I the right kind of person that can get back into shape?”

The answer to that question will depend on your self-image. Everything in relation to your goals and personal targets will depend on your self-image. Your self-image controls your behavior. If you can consciously get a hold of your image and control it, then you can make it work for you


Your goals

At the start, your desire to get back to shape will mostly depend on your thoughts and words about it. So, if you think positively about them, and speak positively about your goals, you put yourself on the platform to actualize them. Remember, your self-image and goals are your creation.


Be accountable

Be accountable for what you do, and who you share your goals with. You want to actively share them with people who will support you and encourage you. You want to give yourself the chance to create an enabling environment that propels you and supports your efforts, and this includes the people you relate your goals to.

The best way to be accountable is to find an accountability buddy. This will be a person who shares similar goals as you or someone who has had any experience with the journey you are taking. Find an accountability buddy, and connect your goals to that person.


Celebrate your wins

No victory is too small, and you should acknowledge every one of your wins. Most persons wait till they actualize their main objectives before acknowledging their progress. However, you can take inventory of your little steps and acknowledge them. From the few pushups to the run around the block, everything is a win on your journey to get yourself back in shape.

Remember that you are on a personal journey, so you don’t need to compare yourself to any. Your small victories allow you to build momentum, and they propel you to achieve more.


Keep things simple

There is beauty in simplicity. Keep it simple, and resist that push to put so much on your plate. The goal is to gradually build your rhythm and confidence consistently over a period of time. There will come a time when you would need to up the ante, but at the start, you just want to build your consistency.

Remember your body is not yet used to the rigorous demands of intense workouts, so don’t overwhelm it with so many demands. Keep things simple at the start, and as you build momentum, you can decide to mix things a bit. Right now, your goal is to start, and the most effective way to do that is to keep it simple and allow yourself the chance to build momentum.



These five mindsets might seem simple, but they are very effective. All of these mindsets work together to help you get back in shape. Ready to take your fitness and wellness to the next level? Join #shredded today! use code: SHREDDED10 for 10% off.

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