The new year is already here, and everybody has started writing out their new year resolutions, and 2020 goals (some even started last year). For some, they do it every year, while for others, this is their first attempt in trying to make a positive change in their lives. Setting goals is always beneficial in the short and long term.

This first part of the year is the time lots of people make their new year resolutions with the aim of being better individuals, most especially in terms of health, wealth, social well-being, and so on. But one thing most people fail to realize is that before any goal can be achieved, there needs to be a change in our behavior and to achieve that, there has to be a subconscious shift.

This might seem like a hard truth to hear, but setting goals for the sake of it doesn’t work. New year resolutions don’t work. If they did, then everyone would achieve their resolutions and goals every year. But as you and I know, most people fall at the first hurdle of achieving their resolutions.

If goals don’t work, what works? Well, your thoughts have power, and what you think is what you become. Your thoughts go on to form your decisions, and your decisions form your habits, which eventually form your character or behavior. It is the accumulation of these that will ultimately lead to you attaining or not attaining your new year resolutions.


Change the way you think

You will not achieve your 2020 goals if you don’t change the way you think. You cannot expect new results when you still act the way you do. Changing the way you think is as vital as changing the way you act. The quality of your thoughts will determine how you behave.


Connect With Your Inner Self

What you say to yourself has a massive influence on what you become. What most persons don’t realize is that they can make or mar themselves by the words they say. Your unconscious words filter into your mind and set the tone for how you behave or act.

The best way to be in control of yourself is to be conscious of what you say, even in your idle moments. If you want to change the narrative and your behavior, and ensure the change is long term, then you will have to change the programming that you are operating with.


Change your programming

What most folks don’t realize is that we’ve all been conditioned to behave based on our existing programming. Now, this programming is usually as a result of our environment, and people will relate with. The consequences of this programming means your life is affected in one way or the other.

However, you can change your existing programming into a new one. All you need to do is change your thoughts, and you change your life. This is the first step to change your programming actively and by extension, your behavior.


Resolutions are not obligations

Oftentimes, people make resolutions just because other people are doing it, or for them, it has become a norm. It is not a must that you must-have new year resolutions or 2020 goals. You should only set yourself targets when they align with your purpose and vision.

Here at #Shredded we wish you the very best in 2020!

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