What do I get?

– Lifetime access to your member area.

– Access to your workout program

– Access to exercise library video clips

– Exclusive facebook group for members only

– Access to the program from an iOS or Android app

– Program Document PDFs

– So much more bonuses and monthly add-ons

– Discount to future programs

Note: Nothing gets mailed to your home address. This is a digital program which you get instant access online after your successful paid registration. See you inside ??

Was my registration successful?

The best way to know your registration was successful is if you receive a receipt from either PayPal or stripe.

Note: ℹ️ Signing up is free but only successfully paid accounts will be able to access the exclusive #shredded content. If you’ve paid, login now to access your program ?. If your payment failed or was canceled during signing up, login then click subscription in your member account dashboard to complete your payment to gain full access.

Do I receive anything in the mail?

Nothing physically gets shipped when you join the #shredded program. You get instant digital access to all the exclusive paid content immediately after a successful paid registration.

What if I don't like the program?

Get in touch so we can hear your concerns and hopefully come to a solution. Either way, you’re backed by our 14-day money back guarantee.

Coupon Code?

Discount and promotional codes are offered from time to time so join our newsletter to ensure you get them!

Important: Users who apply a discount code at check out do not qualify for the 14-day money back guarantee (No exception).

I'm out of shape and embarrassed to go to the gym.

– Bottom line you need resistance training as it’s the key to increasing your metabolism, getting #shredded and maintaining your results; however, you can perform the workout program from home! We do recommend getting access to a gym setting as there are recommended exercises from the #shredded program that is best done In a traditional gym setting. Ultimately, it is your choice.

I don't have any pieces of equipment. What can I do?

– You’re going to need to get at the least some pair of dumbbells and a bench to get the most out of the #Shredded Program

How much is the program again... Also, what exactly do I get?

– The program currently has an introductory rate of only $39.99, and the best part about this is it’s a one time fee! Which means no recurring payments. The value of the program is well over $199, so we strongly suggest you grab this introductory rate now as the price is intended to go up without notice.

What if I don't see results or don't like the program?

– Reach out so we can discuss! We’re here to get you #shredded. You’re always backed by the 14-day money back guarantee.

Does the program work for a woman too?

– Yes, the #shredded principles apply equally well for men and woman

What supplements do you recommend using during this course?

Ace hood physique is 100% natural and we preach Natural in the #Shredded Program. However, in the nutrition component of the program, we provide some supplement products that will aid you in performing at optimal, maintenance, and recover.

I’m like 40+ years old. Too old for a program like this?

– Not at all! Our program is about revving the metabolism with scientifically proven training methods that will truly get you to burn fat. The question you have to answer yourself is how bad you want to transform? What is your why? As long as your 18+ this program has you covered. No matter the age, please consult with your caregiver to receive clearance for working out.

Will this work in my country?

– Yes, we have members from all parts of Africa, North and South America, Europe, Asia, Australia. We global baby!

Is ordering safe?

– Our website is SSL enabled which means all of our payment processing is encrypted. We don’t store any personal payment information.