Hitting plateaus sucks but with some tweaking, you can get back to gaining results

Most times you go to the gym for your morning or evening workout, and it looks like you are stuck or not making any meaningful progress. You go through your set and rep over and over again, and still, yet, you don’t see any visible changes to your shape or your physical looks. All of these usually coincide with you reaching a training plateau.

Don’t feel bad, when you reach a training plateau. It is something everyone who works on weight experience at various points of their training. When you reach your plateau, it usually feels as if the day is wasted, because it looks as if you are not making any gains.

When you hit a training plateau, don’t feel bad, you can get out of it just the same way you entered. By incorporating the strategies below, you can overcome your plateau, and attain new heights.


Make a game plan

Nobody goes on a journey without any map or GPS to show you where you are headed. The absence of the map, means you put yourself in a position to get lost. It is so surprising that people still incorporate the same approach to their workouts regime mainly due to lack of time and knowledge. Most people just walk into the gym and just grab whatsoever their hands touches first without any plans.

You need to create a plan to match your fitness goals. Make a list of what you want your training objectives are. Do you want to grow more in size, or attain a better posture? Creating a plan will make you maximize your time, and get the best out of your training, and more importantly, it will keep you focused.



Change your routine from time to time

It is surprising to find people use the same routine every day in the gym. It is dull, uninspiring and in little or no time, you will lose your motivation, and a training plateau will set in.

The best way to avoid such plateaus is to switch your routine from time to time. Variations add flair and spice to your training. It allows your workout to be more effective, while also keeping you fresh, and in optimal condition. An excellent way to vary your routine is to utilize a different array of exercises in your sessions.


Recovery is vital

Allowing proper recovery can play a prominent role in ensuring that you get the best out of your routine. Rest is an integral part of exercising, and it is as essential as the training itself. Have a positive balance between resting and exercising to get the best out of both worlds.


Final thoughts

Training plateaus will always come, but what you do will either make you remain in that plateau or overcome it. Use the strategies mentioned above to your advantage and follow a complete program like ours provided right here AT #Shredded – JOIN!

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