Welcome to #Shredded™ by Ace Hood. The premium fitness transformation program with a holistic approach. Life is all about developing the skillsets that transfer into all areas of your life, and that is what was on the mind when developing #shredded. We wanted to create a program that demanded the most out of you mentally and physically so you can truly make permanent changes. Ace Hood is the epitome of personal growth and success, and he shares it all on how you can achieve or take it to the next level that YOU NEED to be with the #shredded blueprint. #Shredded is beyond just getting your body ripped; it’s about developing the mind frame to tackle life positively on a day to day basis and being better versions of our self for our families and community. The #shredded is a 30-day transformation system backed by a money back guarantee to alleviate you from feeling any risk, so now is the time to drop the excuses and charge forward. See you inside!

Change Your Life. Change Your Body. Change Your Mind.
This program doesn’t just get you in shape.

It lays the foundation for a well-balanced, healthy lifestyle, so you can build the life-changing habits that deliver a shredded a body, a strong mind and an elevated mood!


#SHREDDED Is jam-packed with videos by Ace hood himself as he walks you through the entire process to getting #Shredded


#SHREDDED doesn’t just sale you a program and wish you well. We’re here! You can contact us anytime. We’re also very active in the exclusive member only group. Talk to us! Let’s get you #shredded.


#SHREDDED is backed up by science! We know our sh*t! This isn’t bro science! All training protocols have been trialed and tested.

#Shredded Mission

There are no judgments here at #shredded – We seek only to share our growth tools in order to empower you to excel.

Together we are stronger – We celebrate a diverse community both male and female from all walks of life. Embracing diversity and cultural differences.

Transparency is everything at #Shredded We offer affordable membership prices and pride ourselves on over delivering in value and providing you A1 customer service.


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